A Blessing Paradigm

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10 min readJun 29, 2023


— This writing is more casual compared to other writings due to its exploratory nature.

I have been meditating on this concept of blessing your enemies for some time now,

and the perspective of the world and the matrix that I already have has grown in clarity to me,

I believe that it is due to this concept.

It is easy to talk about the difference between Man’s — or this world’s or the matrix’s limited Justice, and Divine Justice, that which is the pure unconditional love and grace that comes from the higher dimensions, from those who could look down upon us with a soft gaze.

It is easy to talk about this, but it is not easy to comprehend, perhaps it is even almost impossible to comprehend with the rational mind. It seems that it is nearly impossible for the human mind to comprehend or accept a sense of justice without retribution, payback, an evening of the scales. Letting go and Justice cannot fit together in the human mind.

To me, this is not unlike when I was told as a child that I should love others. This was like “The Golden Rule”, a concept that was talked about but never seemed to be applied. Surely, it was nice to talk about loving others, but we all knew that we didn’t really know how to do that. We didn’t even know what love meant. Then, I *should* or *ought to* love others, but, not knowing how to love, until I might learn how to love, such advice was worthless.

Upon meditating on the concept of blessing your enemies as an approach to life,

I now begin to understand that this, and “pray for those who persecute you” is not good, idealistic advice,

rather, it may be the applied approach to loving others.

The longer I have meditated on this, it has opened up my view that it may be so much more.

First, such an approach makes every answer to every situation clear, it makes it easy to be mindful, to “stay vigilant” and prepared to act in the moment, when your answer to any resistance or opposition is to bless in that direction,

with an approach like this, it becomes less unfathomable how Christ could walk with such single-minded, single-pointed certainty in his travels.

The main perspective this has opened regards what I have said about Justice.

It is nearly impossible to comprehend the idea of achieving Justice without retribution.

However, when blessing your enemies is considered,

here is the possibility of getting retribution and waging war back with them,

only in a way that is aligned with a divine way, or perhaps an original ordering of things.

Such blessing is not then a passive act, such as the act of forgiveness, or simply letting things go, rather it is a fierce and bold, difficult, active action.

Far more important than just being an active action is that unlike an act like forgiveness,

which has known momentary consequences of ‘retribution’,

the possibility of blessing introduces far longer reaching and endgame scenario consequences,

that is the possibility of a full and total retribution,

far better than simple revenge, there is a possibility of a complete devastating permanent victory,

through this much more difficult and effortful course of action.

This is because if blessing your enemies scales and multiplies, at some point in the future it wins out, which results in the annihilation of that which you despised.

Justice as depicted in mythology from the book:
Tarot and Divination Cards: A Visual Archive: Barbier, Laetitia

The final possibility I have been contemplating is only theoretical, hypothetical, so don’t take me as delusional here.

What I am looking at is blessing as a way out of the judgement game,

perhaps even out of the trap of the matrix.

Allow me to first model this. Imagine that you are in a sea of people, they are all starving for food and will do anything to get it. Now, you could mine this resource, this food, from anything you strike, to get a taste of it.

If you’re not careful however, that which you strike might strike you back.

Now, everyone is starving and operating at 0% energy levels, their very existence is threatened.

By casting judgement on others, by striking others with judgement, one can retrieve food and sustenance and regain a tiny portion of their energy levels.

This double edged sword, as it is known, will always boomerang back to them as a law of nature, such as like physics.

So all of these judgements are boomeranging at once across this entire field of people, perhaps this is creating a sort of layer of judgement.

Now, you are trapped with these people and held down by this layer, if you could rise above this layer, then you might be exposed to the sun and able to recharge from 0.

So, lets say you manage to use a couple of people as a chair, to stand tall above the crowd.

Yes, you may begin to recharge in light, but every starving person in that crowd can see you there, and they are all going to want a taste of that light, to appease their starvation.

I had been pondering for some time a writing of Lao Tzu in my own paraphrasing: “He who shines brightly does not go far.”

The original quote is translated something like,

“He who tries to shine dims his own light.”

I have to imagine that Lao Tzu had considered judgement in regards to his statement.

There is also another consideration. To stand above the crowd of judging and look down,

this appears to be a harsh, large, highly critical judgement to judge the entire crowd for their actions.

This may be even worse than theirs, as theirs may be jealous or indifferent or toxic,

the kind of judgement against this crowd is almost just hatred.

Perhaps this is using the food gained from judging everyone else in order to attempt to gain food,

no different than any other in the crowd.

Another consideration I have had is that an avoidance of judgements from the crowd may lead you into isolation and seclusion,

where not only may you find or create an alternate path than the crowd, but maybe you are able to find food from a different direction.

A last consideration, in isolation, perhaps while you are isolated,

you are also not actively judging others.

Now, what happens when the possibility of blessing instead of judging is applied to this scenario?

One special part about blessing is that you can do it silently, and such,

it may be possible to do so without standing tall above the crowd, where all of that layer of judgement will strike you down. Then, you have effectively

“Not shined brightly, thus to go farther.”

Here’s the interesting part. The same as judging, the blessing is going to have a boomerang effect back to you.

Then, each person in the field is a potential battery for you to be gaining a charge of blessing from.

Imagine if the entire crowd was redirecting blessings back to you!

I have sat on this for some time, feeling that there may be more here,

on one hand, there is the possibility of an active applicable methodology that makes choices easier,

that makes it easier to walk in a same path because the answer and action is always the same, singular, focused, perfected. This could be why Christ said that to bless your enemies was to be perfect.

I still have felt like there may be more here. I have considered that, along with faith,

similar to phenomena such as great prophesies, beliefs, and even key objects impacted the path of Alexander the Great, perhaps there is a formula to the way that Christ walked in power with the masses.

This may remind a historian of how the US and Nazi Germany both have used psychology to channel mass energy in a direction in a similar way.

The combined faith of the masses creating a giant head of broccoli in the anime series Mob Psycho III

Here is what I am now considering upon writing this.

What if in the same way that I mentioned all boomerang judgements creating a field of judgement,

what if a field of blessing could be created in the same way, a sort of layer of blessing upon an area or life.

The concept of blessing your enemies may be more than even an ethical or higher spiritual approach,

but even one of great power and possibility in relation to one’s path to a Destiny.

To put this in practice would be a delicate approach, to ask what is ‘blessing’ in its intention, one has to ask how to prevent from accidental intentional cursing, a problem which exists even with people strong in prayer.

Using Blessing to Escape from Judging Others

Introducing blessing as the solution to a mind of judgement.

Have you ever noticed that no matter what your intention is, you cannot actually prevent yourself from judging others?
Even if you want to think kindly of them, if you walk down the street, judgements are going to come across your mind.

We are told not to judge, and yet we do not possess the ability to stop our brains from this kind of critical, negative judging, of course as well to our own selves.

We might be able to stop for a few minutes, but once our mental energy is spent, we cannot actually hold back the torrent of ongoing thoughts that come through consciousness.

The act of actively blessing others may actually be an applicable solution to this ongoing problem that you yourself can experiment with in your real life.

I expect that you may find your own results and insights regarding this far beyond the scope of this writing.

So then, how can this problem be addressed if you do not actually control which thoughts of judgement are going to float into your conscious awareness?

There is a way that one can actively respond to inner thoughts of judgement and external words of judgement from others through the cultivation of the practice of blessing others.

This means that you could cause a change in your own patterns of judgement through responding with blessing.


To be free from being forced to judge is a kind of freedom in itself.

I believe that freedom involves being free to be your authentic nature, and I believe that blessing others is within that authentic nature,

that practicing blessing is to practice a freedom,

to exercise your freedom.

To be seemingly forced to judge, to me, is a kind of oppression,

an oppression that we ought to resist.

In short, no matter what judgements arise, there is a way we can create a practice of blessing in response to this.

Such a practice can always be utilized in any situation at any time.

So what is blessing, and what is cursing?

For one, these can be felt. You can feel a blessing in one’s eyes, just as you can feel one cursing you in their eyes.

You can feel blessings and curses within the tone of voice.

These originate not with the words of blessing, but somewhere deeper.

You could easily say, “I bless you” to someone as a great curse if that is what you wished for.

In this sense, you could say that blessings and curses are like charged wishes that are directed at others or oneself.

You bless others by intending good for them, this might mean feeling compassion for them,

if compassion cannot be felt, then blessing them might be in considering that they deserve goodness or love,

you simply intend or wish for them to be blessed.

If you want to bless someone but deep down wish them harm, in truth you are cursing them, and this can be felt.

Such wishes are dangerous. It may be best to avoid attempting to wish anything for them at that time.

Why should you not curse?

It is impossible to explain why we should not curse. However, the benefits of not cursing can be observed,

with the possibility of benefit to oneself and others, the result is eventually a world without curses.

Consider this,

do you wish to be cursed?

Do you wish to be in a cursed world?

Do you wish to be in a blessed world?

Do you wish to be blessed in life? Do you wish and pray and hope for blessings and abundance?

The way that you gain a blessed life is to bless your life, to create blessing in your life.

The very same way could be used to create any other kind of life, including a cursed life.

There is temporary gain in cursing, and there are those who justify cursing to various ends.

There is much you could accomplish by means of cursing.

There is no trickery in the laws of wishing however, blessing results in blessings, and cursing results in cursings. You get exactly what you ask for. Blessings cause blessings, and curses cause curses.

There is no other outcome, life creates life, and death creates death.

There is no life to be gained from death, and there is no death to be gained from life.

This leads further into what I have been modeling, as all forms of thought as different forms or even shapes of energy.

Thanks for Reading!

Be Blessed.